Agriculture / Growers Industries

The Agriculture industry and growers know that an intimate understanding of environmental conditions is critical for success. Seeds, plants, and other sensitive organics require ideal conditions for optimal growth. Blaze probes can bend, flex and penetrate below the surface for close monitoring to boost your growth and yields.

Common Applications:

  • Soil Temperature
  • Water Temperature
  • Grain Temperature
  • Green House Acclimation
  • Crop Monitoring

Blaze Grower’s Kit – 08516-83-K

Specification/Model 08516-83-KK 08516-83-KJ 08516-83-KT
Sensor Type Type K (Chromel/Alumel) Type J (Iron/Constantan) Type T (Copper/Constantan)
Temp. Range Up to 400°F
Wire Gauge 24 AWG
Junction Type Insulated (Hermetically Sealed tested up to 25psi)
Wire Teflon™
Wire Lengths 10′
Terminal Mini Plug