Flexible Wire Thermocouples are insulated cable with a beaded junction. These are ideal for environments that require tight fits or many bends. Flexible Thermocouple wire probes come in several different insulation materials. PTFE and FEP insulation is great for caustic and moist environments. While Fiberglass insulation is ideal for high temperature environments. Kapton insulation protects against moisture as well as high temperatures. Probes with insulated junctions can be used as a food grade thermocouple. Wire probes feature color-coded ANSI components. Type J, K, T, and E.  (Check out our Flexible Wire Configurator for more details and options.)

General Info & Tools

Easy to read information including thermocouple ranges and reference charts are available to you in this simple all in one PDF. Use this to help build a custom temperature sensors from one of our configurators.

Response Time & Accuracy

Here you will find charts and sample data about response times and accuracies.
The most common types are: Type K, Type J and Type T.

Thermocouple Types

Each type has its own unique attributes such as temperature range, durability and versatility.
We include Millivolt charts for Type K, Type J and Type T as well.