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Industrial Thermocouple Probes

We design and build Industrial Thermocouple Probes for heavy duty use. These probes are far more durable in harsh environments. Applications include, pipelines, tanks, ovens/kilns, and more. Industrial builds feature components for high temperature use. As well as corrosive protection. Industrial Probes also feature a protective head to keep dust and moisture out. Choose from various lengths, diameters, sheath materials, and housings. Order a custom design from our Industrial Configurator today. Or select one of our pre-configured builds below. (Check out the Industrial configurator for more details.)

  • Type “K”, Type “J”, Type “T”
  • Type “N”, Type “E”, Type “R/S” are available upon request
  • .062” (1/16”) DIA
  • .125” (1/8”) DIA
  • .188” (3/16”) DIA
  • .250” (1/4”) DIA
  • .375” (3/8”) DIA
  • Grounded, Ungrounded, Exposed
  • General Purpose Stainless Steel (Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS)
  • General Purpose Inconel 600
  • Stainless Steel Thermowell or Ceramic Protection Tube
  • NEMA 4 Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminum, Cast Iron, Nylon, Polypropylene
  • ATEX or FM Certified Explosion Proof, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • ½” NPT Process Theads (most common), ¾” NPT Process Threads, ½” NPT Process Threads
  • Ceramic wiring block
  • 4-20ma Transmitter